Practice & Assignments

Practice is important for learning any kind of music instrument.

I believe that practice is more about quality and consistency rather than quantity. Therefore, I do not require certain amount of time of practice from my students. Instead, I simply encourage students to  have daily routine of practice in order to achieve the “goal” I set and be prepared for every lesson.

Books & Materials

Books are not included in the tuition.

I will make sure parents know what to purchase for lesson (from local music store or online merchandise). 

Extra sheet music and worksheets will be provided for students as supplements.

Tuition & Payment

Tuition can be made after each lesson or monthly at the beginning of the month. It may be paid via cash, check, QuickPay, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. 

There won't be any fee for cancelling the lesson. No payment will be made if we don't have the actual lesson. However, learning the piano requires commitment and consistency. It is important to maintain weekly schedule to ensure progress.

Lesson Cancellation & Rescheduing

If the student needs to cancel the lesson, a one-week notice will be required. If the lesson needs to be cancelled due to unexpected situations such as illness, emergency or unsafe road condition, I will try my best reschedule the lesson time but it cannot be guaranteed.

Occasionally, I will need to reschedule the lesson time due to my performance schedule. I will inform the parents at least two weeks ahead for any kind of arrangement.