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Teaching Philosophy

    Playing the piano not only can bring enjoyment, but it also helps kids establish confidence and discipline. I believe that practice with commitment and hard work are essential elements not only for playing the piano but for whatever thing in life. You will find the growth and sense of accomplishment rewarding.


    I believe an encouraging and positive environment is very important as young musicians are developing their interests in playing the piano and I believe they learn best in such an environment. Motivation is another important element for better learning results. I always prepare stickers as rewards when my students complete the assignment and I set attainable goals for them to have a sense of accomplishment. Piano lessons are always fun in order to protect their interests, yet I maintain high standards in my teaching in order to prepare my students with solid playing at the same time.


    I believe that aural perception is the foundation of musicianship and technique is the means to achieve it. The interplay and cooperation of the three key elements are the center ideas of my teaching philosophy. Therefore I pay a lot of attention to balance between technique, musicality and aural development in my teaching.


    Performing is another aspect that I value. Students learn a lot from playing for audiences. The nervousness, anxiety, excitement, and happiness of being on stage are something we can’t experience elsewhere. I hold two studio recitals every year and I also play at the studio recitals. I believe that by performing on stage, I can be the role model for my students. Not only encourage them to perform but also send the message that even the teacher needs to practice hard in order to be prepared for the performance. Such a message encourages students to not be afraid of performing but seeing it as an opportunity to grow as a musician.

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